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Research Interests

Micro-particle/bubble transport in turbulent flow in complex geometries.
Turbulence dynamics and associated energy mechanisms in separated flows.
Superhydrophobic surfaces and their effect on drag and turbulent flow characteristics.


Work Experience 

Research Fellow - Sapienza, University of Rome - Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Current)

Lecturer - Temple University (Philadelphia, US), Rome Campus - Teaching of “Engineering Dynamics” and “Mechanics of Solids” courses (Current)

Research Scholarship - University of Padua, Department of Industrial Engineering (2016)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Theoretical & Applied Mechanics - Sapienza, University of Rome, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (2012-2016)

Bachelor's degree (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering (Structural Mechanics and Thermo-fluids) - University of Malta – Faculty of Engineering (2008 – 2012)

Engineering Design Assistant - Methode Electronics Malta Ltd. (2011-2012)

Engineering Workshop Assistant - Playmobil Malta Ltd. (2010)

  • Mollicone, J.-P., Battista, F., Gualtieri, P., & Casciola, C. M. (2018). Turbulence dynamics in separated flows: the generalised Kolmogorov equation for inhomogeneous anisotropic conditions. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 841, 1012-1039.
  • Costantini, R., Mollicone, J.-P., & Battista, F. (2018). Drag reduction induced by superhydrophobic surfaces in turbulent pipe flow. Physics of Fluids, 30(2), 025102.
  • Battista, F., Gualtieri, P., Mollicone, J.-P., & Casciola, C. M. (2018). Application of the Exact Regularized Point Particle method (ERPP) to particle laden turbulent shear flows in the two-way coupling regime. International Journal of Multiphase Flow.
  • Mollicone, J.-P., Battista, F., Gualtieri, P., & Casciola, C. M. (2017). Effect of geometry and Reynolds number on the turbulent separated flow behind a bulge in a channel. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 823, 100-133.
  • Mollicone, J.-P., Battista, F., Gualtieri, P., & Casciola, C. M. (2016). Energy fluxes in turbulent separated flows. Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 759, No. 1, p. 012003). IOP Publishing.

  • 2018: EUROMECH Colloquium 596 - Numerical simulations of flows with particles, bubbles & droplets (EC596, Venice). Turbulent transport of micro-bubbles and micro-particles in complex geometries
  • 2017: Direct and Large Eddy Simulation 11 (DLES11, Pisa). DNS of separated flow: scale-by-scale analysis
  • 2016: European Fluid Mechanics Conference 11 (EFMC11, Seville). Scale-by-scale turbulence dynamics in an obstructed channel
  • 2015: Direct and Large Eddy Simulation 10 (DLES10, Limassol). DNS of a lower curved wall channel: turbulent separation
  • 2015: Turbulence Heat and Mass Transfer 15 (THMT15, Sarajevo). Turbulence dynamics in the separated region of channel flow with a lower curved wall
  • 2015: European Turbulence Conference 15 (ETC15, Delft). Turbulent separation in lower curved wall channels
  • 2014: European Fluid Mechanics Conference 10 (EFMC10, Copenhagen). Turbulence dynamics in the separation bubble on a lower curved wall channel

  • PhD scholarship after ranked, public competition with written and oral exams (Sapienza, 2012)
  • “Avvio alla Ricerca”, funding for young researchers (Sapienza, 2014)
  • Principal Investigator (PI) in three ISCRA C (Italian Super Computing Resource Allocation)
  • Group member in three ISCRA B (Italian Super Computing Resource Allocation)
  • Group member in two PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe)